Story Ideas

Sherwin-Williams welcomes you to browse the following for story ideas about issues of interest to every homeowner: home decorating and home maintenance.

Tips for Homeowners: Deck or Porch Maintenance

This Q&A format presents helpful tips and techniques for homeowners caring for decks and porches.

Tips for Homeowners: Re-Painting Stucco

Although highly durable, even stucco exterior will eventually need a fresh coat of paint. This Q&A format presents tips that homeowners should consider when painting stucco.

Color Tips: Exterior Color Selection

Color makes a first impression, an individual statement and can enhance curb appeal and even resale value. Here are valuable tips for choosing the right color scheme for the home's exterior.

Color Tips: Ideas for Using Colors Inside the Home

The color selected for an interior depends on mood, size of the room, lighting - and the homeowner's personal style. This article discusses how best to use different colors for ceilings, walls, trim and floors.