Invite Well-Being Into Your Home with Sherwin-Williams New Living Well™ Collection

Living Well includes 11 mood-setting palettes, Sanitizing and Air-Purifying paint technology

CLEVELAND (January 13, 2021) – Sherwin-Williams is answering the call for products and colors that help people to invite well-being home with the new Living Well™ collection. The Living Well™ collection is an inspired mix of colors and paints carefully chosen to invite a sense of comfort, style, and well-being into your home. The Living Well collection offers 11 curated color palettes that feature Sherwin-Williams most stunning and top-selling shades.

“A new year means a fresh start for us and our homes. The new paints and palettes of the Living Well collection can help consumers live more mindfully,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “We asked a lot of our homes in 2020. Bedrooms were turned into classrooms, living rooms into gyms and kitchens into conference rooms. We are now more mindful than ever of how these spaces impact us both physically and mentally.”

Two new paint products to invite well-being home
The Living Well collection includes two products that expand the popular SuperPaint® line with added air purifying and sanitizing technologies. Both provide rich, long-lasting color, have the exceptional durability and performance expected of SuperPaint and don’t require special tools to apply.

SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology keeps walls sanitized 24/7 by delivering ongoing antibacterial action that kills 99.9% of certain bacteria on painted surfaces and remains effective for up to four years[1]. It’s an ideal paint for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology contributes to better indoor air quality with innovative technology that helps break down unwanted odors and reduces VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from potential sources like carpet, cabinets and fabrics. SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology is well-suited for bedrooms and can help improve indoor air quality in many rooms.

“Sherwin-Williams continues to perfect paint qualities, such as technologies that help reduce odors and moisture. With Sanitizing and Air Purifying Technology, we are building on SuperPaint, a popular product trusted by homeowners and professionals for its exceptional performance and durability,” said Rick Watson, director of product information and technical services at Sherwin-Williams. “Customers will get the quality paint they expect with added technologies that help create balance in the spaces around us.”

Eleven new color palettes set the tone for any room
Living Well includes 11 new color palettes that make it easier than ever to turn any room into a haven of style, comfort and well-being. The palettes are comprised of Sherwin-Williams colors uniquely curated to create the ideal mood in any space. The new palettes include:

  • Balance: Organic shades for a look that’s soft and tranquil
  • Breathe: Warm neutrals and gentle taupes that inspire stillness
  • Center: A balanced mix of neutrals and violet-tinted tones for stability and calm
  • Create: Optimistic and energetic pastels that inspire playfulness
  • Focus: Cool grays and clear blues for a look that encourages concentration
  • Inspire: Modern whites, yellows and blues that invite joy and warmth
  • Recharge: Marine blues and grays for calm optimism
  • Reflect: Effortless whites and grays that invite contemplation and inner peace
  • Renew: Soft, warm grays that inspire relaxation
  • Unplug: Sandy neutrals and dusty blues that encourage connection with others
  • Unwind: Calming blues and neutrals for a look that’s grounded and refreshing

“Living Well means creating a home that works harder for you, whether transforming rooms that serve multiple functions or selecting paint and colors that help create a haven,” said Wadden. “With these new color palettes, we want to give customers the tools to turn their space into one that fits their needs, materially and stylistically.”

Explore the Living Well palettes with the ColorSnap® Visualizer app, a tool designed to help consumers and professionals make confident and smart paint color selections. Download the app to try out Sherwin-Williams 1,700 hues in your own space in real time with the app’s Instant Paint augmented reality tool. Sampling colors is now more convenient than ever with free color chip ordering and delivery at

The Living Well collection is available now to order online for pick-up at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide. Explore the palettes and learn more about the products at

[1] SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology kills 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) and Escherichia coli within two hours of application on painted surfaces and remain effective for up to four years as long as the integrity of the surface is maintained.
[2] The length of time SuperPaint® with Air Purifying Technology Interior Acrylic Latex actively reduces odors and formaldehyde depends on the concentration, the frequency of exposure and the amount of painted surface area.

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